The Legend Contest Rules

These are the rules governing all contests aired on WVIG The Legend, texting contests and on website, unless otherwise specified. In the following rules, “105.5 The Legend” means DLC Media which owns WVIG 105.5 The Legend:

    1. No purchase is necessary to enter any THE LEGEND contest.
    2. To be eligible to win any prize on  THE LEGEND you must not have won ANY PRIZE on THE LEGEND in the past 30 days or any prize valued at $600 or more in the past 6 months. Only one winner per household is permitted within 30 days after a household has a winner. Any prize awarded to an ineligible listener will be deemed null and void, and an alternate eligible winner may be named.
    3. Anytime you call the THE LEGEND studios you assume that your call will be broadcast or recorded and you grant us permission to broadcast the call or record it for later broadcast.
    4. As a winner of a THE LEGEND contest your voice, name and/or picture may be used for promotional, broadcast, or internet purposes.
    5. Prizes awarded are not redeemable for cash. No prize is transferable. No substitution for a prize will be made at the request of winner. THE LEGEND reserves the right to substitute a prize of similar value.
    6. All winners of all contests are responsible for all taxes on prize awarded. All winners of a prize valued at $600 or more will be required to complete the appropriate tax forms at the THE LEGEND studios prior to claiming prize. All winners will be sent a 1099 MISC federal tax form if in one calendar year the prize value of all prizes won exceeds $600.
    7. In the event the winner is subject to or the subject of any order or legal process issued by any governmental agency having jurisdiction over the affairs of the winner (i.e. garnishment, child support order, judgment, lien, and the like), THE LEGEND delivery of the prize to the official representative of the governmental entity claiming a right to the prize shall be thus deemed as (station) awarding the prize to the winner. THE LEGEND shall be entitled to rely in good faith, upon any documents presented by the representative seeking to collect the prize in lieu of the winner. THE LEGEND shall not be liable for any claim by any winner for damages incidental thereto.
    8. All THE LEGEND contests are open to all eligible Indiana and Illinois residents 18 or over (unless otherwise specified). Contestants must possess a valid form of identification bearing the picture of the contestant acceptable to THE LEGEND that will be presented to THE LEGEND and accepted before the prize is awarded. Employees of THE LEGEND, and its ultimate parent company, JKO Media Group, their advertising agencies, affiliates, contest sponsors, employees and immediate families of each, and employees of all media of mass communication are not eligible to win any contest. Immediate family includes the spouse, great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the employee and his/her spouse. This also includes individuals for whom the employee is current legal guardian.
    9. Winners will be expected to claim prize at the THE LEGEND studios, THE LEGEND studios 111 West National Avenue Brazil, Indiana 47834 between 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) within 30 days of being notified that they are winners, unless there is an expiration date on prize, which will be specifically stated.
    10. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Contest is void where prohibited.
    11. THE LEGEND reserves the right to disqualify any winner if any contest rules are violated in any way.
    12. THE LEGEND, JKO Media Group, its parent corporation, assumes no liability for situations, repairs, or incidents arising from any aspect of any prize awarded in any contest. THE LEGEND, DLC Media, Inc., their advertising agencies, affiliates, contest sponsors, employees, and immediate families of each absolve themselves and shall be held harmless from any action or liability arising from any contest or prize awarded in any contest.
    13. As a licensee of the FCC and a trustee of the public airwaves, THE LEGEND reserves the right to interrupt and/or discontinue any contest or promotion (and not award the offered prize) at the discretion of THE LEGEND management if world events, the national mood, or public safety so warrant.
    14. THE LEGEND reserves the right to amend the rules to any contest at any time. The judge’s decision is always final.
    15. For any contest requiring phone or text entry you must use only the following number unless otherwise specified: 812-420-2521. The person operating the telephone at THE LEGEND has the final decision as to who is the winning caller. When a text contest is conducted the contestants name and a “Key Word” or “Phrase” will required in the text to enter the contest.  Failure to do so may disqualify that entry.
    16. THE LEGEND shall have no responsibility for contestant’s inability or failure to participate, failure to win or claim any prize based on malfunction or difficulties with telephone, cell phone, texting, email, or internet access, or any other circumstances in any contest beyond Station’s control.
    17. For any contest involving on-line voting: If an entrant receives irregular votes, including but not limited to, votes generated by a robotic, programmed, script, macro, or other automated means, the station reserves the right to disqualify the entrant in its sole discretion and/or use another means to determine the winner(s), ex. – random selection or appointing a panel of judges.
    18. The following are specifically related to E-contests and E-Mail Club promotions on
      • 1. All appropriate information in required fields must be filled out correctly and completely or you will be disqualified.
      • 2. To win a prize you must reside within the listening area of THE LEGEND as defined at the exclusive discretion of THE LEGEND management.
      • 3. Any problems with the internet or email are not THE LEGEND’s responsibility.
      • 4. Contestants who register to participate on our website may be required to produce a printed copy of proof of registration before being allowed to participate in the contest.
      • 5. Due to the nature of our programs that are heard on-line over the internet, contests may not be heard at all. Contests heard on the radio station’s internet audio stream may be slightly delayed from the time the contests are heard on the broadcast station, and will be running behind the broadcast signal. Thus, all contests heard are delayed. This delay can last for as much as 30 seconds or more. This means that when THE LEGEND contests are played that require a specific caller to telephone the radio station (such as “Caller number 9 when you hear the sound effect”), listeners to the on-line audio stream may be at a disadvantage in participating over those listeners who hear the contests on-air.
    19. A copy of these rules are available during business hours at the THE LEGEND studios 111 West National Avenue Brazil, Indiana 47834.